Phobia by Mohammed Al Anazi Short Stories of thrilling suspense. Reader beware.


PHOBIA by Mohammed Al Anazi (YA/Suspense Short Stories) ,


A novel of short stories with suspenseful thrills and twists… a man’s new bride is so beautiful and perfect, yet hauntingly familiar…; a top ranking retired police detective is asked to help solve the city’s the most difficult case where the diabolical culprit taunts the entire force always so close yet so far away….; Will two pranksters get away with their latest ploy to entrap their colleague in his worst nightmare?

PHOBIA, a new novel to the English speaking world is a favoite for young thrill seeking readers in the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe and is quickly becoming an international hit. Written by Mohammed Al Anazi, a rising best selling author from Kuwait, a country rich in liberal arts and culture, takes his readers through waves of adrenaline from 0 to 60 in just a few turns of the pages.

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