Ojos by Baron Michael The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it....

Ojos by Baron Michael

OJOS by Baron Michael (Suspense Fiction)


Leyah Savoir has had a psychic gift since she was a young girl. With the help of her mother, she had saved many from tragic demises, but the visions she would receive about them came during seemingly random blackouts. As she seeks to understand her ability, she grows in God and learns she’s been blessed with His Spirit of prophecy.

Ojos is a backwoods rootworker with a special, intrinsic spiritual connection with his pet owl – Wisdom. He lost the majority of his memory years ago in a near-fatal car accident. As he tries to piece together his fragmented past, he continues his occult studies, and learns if he ever sacrifices a true psychic he’ll gain the remnant of what he believes will complete him – extraordinary mental powers. They cross paths in a suspenseful tale of good vs. evil.

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