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“Mad, crazy, fun, laughs, tears.. every page is like sitting shotgun on the ride of his life! I knew Dave’s late great dad -Jim- well, and he is a huge part of this story: his spirit guides his son to redemption. Jim, a great writer himself, would be so proud!”

-Robert Illes. Emmy Award winning comedy writer, and publisher of several books including the graphic novel, I, Alien, and TV Biz tell all Funny Is Money.


NonFiction Memoir/TRAVEL

Following the untimely death of his beloved father in the 1980s, (legend Hollywood comedy writer and producer, Jim Mulligan (Laugh-In, M*A*S*H, Silver Spoons, Sonny & Cher, Webster, and many more), 25-year-old Dave Mulligan abruptly dropped every incumbrance in his life (after getting arrested for breaking into Marineland and riding the killer whales), bought a plane ticket around the world, and began a whirlwind tour commencing on the other side of the planet in Australia. many failures along the way, and plenty of sex … but never at the same time. It’s also a story of true love.

In a whirlwind of new faces, beer, honest romance, irresponsible relapses and personal gains, Dave meandered somewhat aimlessly around Australia, driving an old, discarded station wagon named Ol’ Creampuff, with a Scotsman named McInnes in the passenger seat. The two formed a unique bond, calling themselves the Knights of Chivalry, saving scores of damsels in distress as they traversed the once-virgin territories down under.

Along the way, he’s regularly visited in his dreams by his late father. Dave believes Jim would have been disappointed in his running away to find himself after his death and his ethereal manifestation doesn’t hold back when letting him know. But there’s also an underlying amusement in his view as Dave was living an adventure the senior Mulligan had only been able to imagine in his neat and industrious 55 years.

Dave also makes the acquaintance of the “little voice” in his head and has conversations with him at various moments and forks in the road. He’s an irresponsible little bugger, but he’s pretty funny and enjoys tempting Dave into troublesome situations … often times with girls.

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