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Narco Culture/Crime Fiction/Hard Boil

“If knowledge is what you seek, then knowledge is what you will get from Mike Vigil. Quick with his tongue and sharp with his stare, when given the chance to tap into his mind, your perspective will forever be changed. A true storyteller who continues to enlighten those willing to listen and engage those willing to talk. Mike is a television producer’s strongest source in creating captivating documentaries about REAL people who lived REALLY interesting lives.”
Charles Earl Kreisa, Executive Producer, Gangsters: America’s Most Evil.

“Mike Vigil has been in the trenches of the drug war, faced the gunfire and looked narco capos in the eyes. So when he writes a hardboiled story on this bloody mess, it is the real deal.” 
Ioan Grillo, author of Gangster Warlords and El Narco.

“Mike Vigil is a legendary shadow warrior who fearlessly penetrated drug cartels. He survived gun battles and outwitted drug lords to write this book that totally captures Narco Culture.”
Ruben Pereida, Multi Award Winning Journalist.

“Mike Vigil acquired his vast knowledge of drug traffickers, smuggling routes and crippling corruption the hard way – as an undercover DEA agent risking his life among the world’s most vicious criminals. He shadowed Pablo Escobar, tracked El Chapo Guzman and helped topple other powerful kingpins. Reporters covering these kinds of stories keep Vigil’s number high on the call list, because he actually walked the walk and knows first hand the treacherous details of international drug trafficking – and he tells it to you straight.” 
Mark Potter, Former NBC, CNN, and ABC News Correspondent.

When the bodies of Mexico’s most prominent plastic surgeons begin turning up, the only clues for law enforcement are that the murderers were professional and organized. These were no random killings- they virtually had “sicarios” or “hitmen” written all over them.The DEA’s top agent assigned to Mexico, Miguel Villa, wastes no time to launch a massive operation to take down The Blood Alliance Cartel before they become even more powerful. Based on true events.

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