My Body is a Suitcase by Ferhat Kazanci Digi Download (eBook) Poetry ,


From Istanbul, Turkey, best selling author, fashion designer, and model, FERHAT KAZANCI enters the English

literary arena with his timeless book of Poetry, MY BODY IS A SUITCASE – originally: BEDEN BENDE BIR BAVUL.

FERHAT KAZANCI takes his readers on an inner journey.

MY BODY IS A SUITCASE is a powerful book formed with intense
aphorisms and its secret is hidden in its simplicity.

Author of My Body Is a Suitcase

In the first part, there are loves that penetrate the body and
reflects their traces that find their way into their light.

In the second part, traces of conflict begin to creep internally.

It is followed by sensual proverbs of lovers being one, trying to be together, losing each other, yet still fighting to remain together.

He completes his story with his suitcase –which he carries everywhere, with all of his life experiences.

MY BODY IS A SUITCASE is not an arrogant heart pouring, or pity party, nor is it an unending of flow of emotions.

It is real, from deep inside life, with the passionate heart beats and tender flutters lived in every kind of love and materialized into words.

Listen to this sincere, loyal voice of hope.

Ferhat Kazanci has a lot to say about the fine demeanor and intricacies of love.

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